Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment(GEWEX) started in 1990, as a major sub-program of the World Climate Research Programme(WCRP). GEWEX has established GEWEX Hydrometeorology Panel( GHP) to strive for the development of a quantitative understanding of the global hydrologic cycle and energy flux based on global observations and comprehensive climate models. An essential step toward this objective is comparing model formulations of hydrological and energetic processes with corresponding observed properties. This task will be accomplished within the framework of five GEWEX Continental Scale Experiments(CSEs): GEWEX Continental-scale International Project(GCIP), BalTik sea EXperiment(BALTEX), Mackenzie Etude GEWEX Study(MAGS), the Large-scale Biosphere-atmosphere experiment in Amazon (LBA) and GAME. These 5 CSEs are being conducted around the world. A simple comparative schematic showing the functions of temperature and precipitation summarizes some characteristics of the 5 CSEs. GAME covers the widest range of climates.