Early Registration for the 5th International Study Conference on GEWEX in Asia and GAME
3-5 October 2001

Aichi Trade Center
Nagoya, Japan

General information of the registration for the 5th International GAME Conference

     Registration for "The 5th International Study Conference on GEWEX in Asia and GAME" has been held from 3rd July 2001 to know the participants of this conference. And to decide the registration fee for this conference. Registration fee was decided as follows:

   Registration fee is including the fees of proceeding book, list book of abstract, and welcome party.  Payment of registration fee will be only cash at the reception front of this conference when participants will come to this front. DO NOT RECIEVE by the other currencies, and DO NOT RECIEVE to pay by credit card (VISA, MASTAR, and so on).

Hotel reservation (only visitors from forign countries)

    Currrently, GIPO reserved block rooms of some hotel for the forigners (expect the forigners who work in Japan). For the scientists who live in Japan, GIPO DO NOT reserve the hotels during the conference. Please reserve by yourselves (e.g., hotel reservation page via web [Bussiness hotels in Nagoya City (Written in Japanese) ] ).

How to regist?

Registration via WWW

   Yor can regist via web with setp by step processes

  1.  Please click this botton for the 1st step of registration
  2. Please fill the information about you
  3. After confilm and check the fulled information, please click the "continue" botton
  4. You can see the current status of already registrated scientists in here 
  GIPO recieved your registrated information after these processes. 
Registration to send e-mail to GIO@ihas.nagoya-u.ac.jp
You can regist to send the e-mail to gio@ihas.nagoya-u.ac.jp, as follows:
  1. Please downloard this ASCII file for registration
  2. Please full the all of equired informaiton to ASCII file
  3. Send this ASCII file's body or as a attached file to gio@ihas.nagoya-u.ac.jp

Last Updated in 2 July 2001 22:55 JST
by Atsushi Higuchi, GIPO, HyARC, Nagoya University, Japan