Agenda of 5th GISP meeting
(Seavans North Building, Tokyo, Japan, 26-27 June, 2000)

26th June, 2000

1. Opening and welcome addresses (Chairperson: Prof. Nakamura: 09:30-10:20)

1.1. Prof. T. Yasunari (GAME Chairperson, Univ. Tsukuba)
1.2. Dr. Y. Furuhama (Executive Director, NASDA)
1.3. Mr. K. Yoshio (Director, Inter. Sci. Affairs Div., MESSC; Speaked by Nakamura)

2. GAME and Its International Link (Chairperson: Prof. Yasunari: 10:30 - 13:00)

2.1. GEWEX/GAME (Prof. Yasunari)
2.2. GEWEX/GHP (Dr. R. Lawford)
2.3 Current activities of WCRP (Prof. A. Sumi)
2.4. Introductions of FRSGC (Dr. T. Matsuno)
2.5. CEOP and future strategy (Prof. T. Koike)
2.6. HUBEX (Prof. Y. Fujuyoshi)
2.7. Siberia (Dr. Georgiadi, Dr. Vuglinsky, and Prof. Ohata)
2.8.Tibet (Prof. T. Koike)
2.9. Tropics (Dr. T. Oki)
2.10. KOMEX (Dr. J. H. Oh)

(Charperson changed to: Prof. Chan)
2.11. AAN (Dr. M. Sugita)
2.12. Radiation (Prof. T. Nakajima)
2.13. Data managements (Mr. Takahashi)
2.14. 4DDA (Dr. Yamazaki)

June 27 (Tue)
(Continue from June 26, Sub-project activites, charparson: Prof. F. Kimura)

2.15. Modelling (Prof. F. Kimura)
2.16. Satellite (Prof. T. Koike, Mr. T. Tanaka, and Prof. K. Nakamura)
2.17. GAME-IOP in India (Dr. De)
2.18. GAME-IOP in Tailand (Dr. Patipa)
2.19. SCSMEX (Prof. W.A. Chan)

3. Future plan of GAME and related projects (chairperson: Prof. T. Koike)
3.1. CEOP (Prof. T. Koike)
3.2. Plan in Japan (Prof. T. Yasunari)
3.3. Plan in China (Dr. Xiao, Dr. Wang, and Ms. Feng)
3.4. Future plan in Thailand (Ms. Wanasri)
3.5. Future plan in Koria (Dr. Oh)
3.6. Future plan in India (Dr. De)
3.7. Plan in Russia (Prof. Georgiadi, Prof. Ohata)
3.8, Introduction about Myanmar (Mr. U. Ye Myint)

4. General discussion (Chairparson Prof. T. Yasunari)

5. Wrap up and Summary (Prof. Nakamura)