Participants List of the Second International Science Panel

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GAME-ISP members

  Mr. Alan J. Hall (Office of Hydrology, NOAA/NWS)

  Prof. Yihui Ding (National Climate Center, CMA)
  Prof. Bolin Zhao (Dept.Geophysics, Peking University)
  Dr. Xiao Yongsheng (Director of Department of Science and Education, CMA)

  Dr. Nihargopal Sen Roy (India Meteorological Department)
  Dr. Rajinder Kumar, Sharma (Central Water Commission of India)

  Prof. Tetsuzo Yasunari (Institute of Geoscience, The University of Tsukuba)
  Prof. Katumi Musiake (Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo)
  Prof. Yasushi Fujiyoshi (Inst. of Low temperature Science, Hokkaido Univ.)
  Prof. Toshio Koike (Dept. of Civil&Environ.Eng.,Nagaoka Univ. of Tech.)
  Prof. Yoshihiro Fukushima (IHAS, Nagoya University)
  Prof. Tetsuo Ohata (SES, The University of Shiga Prefecture)
  Prof. Kenji Nakamura (IHAS, Nagoya University)
  Dr. Nobuo Yamazaki (Meteorological Research Institute)

  Dr. Jai-Ho Oh (Forecast Research Laboratory, Meteorological Research Inst.)
  Prof. Tae-Young Lee (Dept. of Astronomy & Atmos. Sci., Yonsei University)

  Dr. Subramaniam Moten (Malaysian Meteorological Service)
  Dr. Kim-Loi Hiew(Dept. of Irrigation and Drainage, Malaysia)

  Dr. Valeri Vuglinski (State Hydrological Institute)
  Dr. Alexander Georgiadi (Institute of Geography of RAS)

  Dr. Wong Chin Ling (Meteorological Service Singapore)

  Dr. Patipat Patvivatsiri (Meteorological Department of Thailand)
  Dr. Mondhian Kangsasitiam (Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand)

  Prof. Tsing-Chang Chen (Atmosphric Science Program/Iowa State Univ.)

ex-officio members

  Dr. Sam Benedict (World Climate Research Programme)

Experts / Observers

  Prof. Minqin Yang (Huaihe River Commission, Ministry of Water Resources)
  Dr. Qian Mingkai (Huaihe River Commission, Ministry of Water Resources)
  Dr. Wang Xiangwen (Meteorological Bureau of Anhui Province)

  Mr. Seiichi Ueno (NASDA / EORC)
  Dr. Ichiro Tamagawa (IHAS, Nagoya University)
  Dr. Tetsuya Hiyama (IHAS, Nagoya University)
  Dr. Tosiyuki Nakaegawa (Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo)
  Dr. Rikie Suzuki (Institute of Geoscience, University of Tsukuba)
  Dr. Ken'ichi Ueno (The University of Shiga Pretecture)
  Prof. Akira Watanabe (Faculty of Education, Fukushima University)
  Mr. Ken'ichi Kuma (Numerical Predictium Division Japan Meteorological Agency)
  Dr. Kiyotoshi Takahashi (Meteorological Research Institute)

  Prof. Sung-Euii  Moon (Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences, Pusan National Univ.)
  Dr. Chung-Kyu  Park (Forecast Bureau, KMA)
  Dr. Won-Tae Kwon (Forecast Research Laboratory, MRI, KMA)
  Dr. Sung-Gil Hong (Forecast Research Laboratory, MRI, KMA)

  Dr. D. Erdenetsetseg (Hydrometeorological Research Institute)

  Dr. Madan L. Shrestha (Department of Hydrology and Meteorology)

Sri Lanka
  Mr. T. K. Fernando (Department of Meteorology)

  Ms. Mathuros Sumipan (National Research Council of Thailand)
  Mr. Dunyapon Bisonyabut (Meteorologibal Department)
  Mr. Panya Polsan (Hydrology Division, Royal Irrigation Department)
  Mr. Thada Sukhapunnaphan (Hydrology Division, Royal Irrigation Department)

  Prof. Michio Yanai (Dept.of Atmospheric Sciences University of California) 
  Dr. Eric A. Smith (Dept. of Meteorology, Florida State University)