Summary of the Fisrt GAME International Science Panel

The first GAME international science panel (GAME-ISP) was held at NASDA/EORC in Tokyo, Japan from March 6 to 9, 1996. The Panel is the advisory and coordinating committee to promote GAME to international community, and its 29 members come from 9 countries mainly in Asia. More than 40 participants including almost all the GAME-ISP members, the representatives from WCRP office, those from the related projects, and special experts, and observers.

The brief report of the determined items in the panel are as follows:

  1. Terms of reference have been decided.
  2. On the GAME Intensive Observation Period GAME-IOP) in 1998, GAME has the target of effort to make intensive radio sounding observation 4 times a day from May to the end of July, at about 70 points in the area including Tropical region (Thailand and other countries), East Asian region (HUBEX region), and Tibetan plateau, in the cooperation with South China Sea Monsoon Experiment (SCSMEX), if possible the area includes the surrounding region (India, Japan, etc. ). Japan and the other countries should effort to solve financial problems. Financial support from WMO is also in consideration.
  3. GAME-ISP decided to send requests to Japan Meteorological Agency and NMC/China to take a role to make the high quality objective analyzed (4 dimensional assimilated) data in the IOP (re-analysis in IOP).
  4. GAME-ISP decided to send a request to NASDA to make TRMM (Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission) data available for GAME-IOP, that is, before April 1998.
  5. The establishment of the following sub-panels have been approved;
  6. The ad-hoc committee on GAME/SCSMEX IOP has also been approved with the following (tentative) members;
  7. The GAME-International Project Office (GAME-IPO) is formally agreed to be established as the office of the GAME international science panel. It is also agreed that GAME-IPO is tentatively located in the Research Center for the Water and Biogeochemical Cycles of the Institute for Hydrospheric-Atmospheric Sciences, Nagoya university (chief secretariat: Professor Kenji Nakamura, secretariat: assistant professor Ichiro Tamagawa). Japan side will take effort to get posts of guest foreign members of the office.
  8. The next science panel will be held in Korea in March 1997, with the Third International Conference of GAME.
  9. Professor Yasunari (University of Tsukuba, Japan) is selected as the chairperson of GAME-ISP, and Professor Ding YiHui (the director of the China National Climate Center) is as the deputy chairperson. The term of member is determined to be three years, but it can be extended. The members have been decided as follows:
  10. The procedure for drafting and reviewing IP of GAME has been decided.

Terms of Reference for GAME International Science Panel
(GAME-ISP ) (rev.3/8 17:40)

The GAME-ISP is the principal group within GEWEX for considering scientific issues and promoting scientific activities associated with the implementation of GAME. The aims of GAME are to understand the role of the Asian monsoon as a major component of the global energy and water cycle and to improve the seasonal forecasting of monsoon and regional water resources, along with the feedback processes associated with the variability of the monsoon.

The main task of the GAME-ISP is to improve the scientific contribution of GAME to fulfill the requirements of GEWEX by:

  1. determining and integrating an overall strategy for implementation of GAME, ensuring contribution to GEWEX and WCRP objectives. (e.g., data management, ......)
  2. promoting and coordinating scientific activities, and facilitating the exchange of informations within all the components of GAME. (e.g., IOP, data formats, workshop, model-intercomparisons, .......)
  3. co-ordinating and fostering interaction among different countries and programs participating in GAME through establishment of subpanels and science working groups.
  4. providing the focus for the international cooperation with other related international programs and scientific activities. (e.g., with SCSMEX, IGBP, .......)

GAME International project office (GAME-IPO) is established to support GAME-ISP to accomplish its objectives. It is located in IHAS, Nagoya Univ. for 1996.

Membership of GAME-ISP:
The GAME-ISP is to be formed by the representatives from the scientific group and/or operational agencies of the countries participating in GAME, the leading scientific experts of each component of GAME, and exofficio representatives from WCRP/GEWEX, GHP, etc. The members will be selected for 3 year terms with possibility of extension.

The GAME-ISP meeting will be held once per year.

The ISP will have some sub-panels, in case these sub-groups are required to efficiently promote some components of GAME, or some specific scientific topics related to GAME. The chairman of the sub-panel is expected to be a member of the ISP.