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GAME Letter (News written in English)

GAME Letter is published by GAME International Project Office and is distributed free-of-charge upon request. To submit contributions (see guidelines below), be added to the mailing list, or receive back issues of the newsletter, contact:
Prof. Kenji Nakamura, Director or
Dr. Atsushi Higuchi, Editor
GAME International Project Office (GIPO) 
Hydroshperic Atmospheric Research Center (HyARC), 
Nagoya University
Furo-cho Chikusa-ku Nagoya, 464-01 JAPAN 
Tel:+81-52-789-5439, Fax:+81-52-789-3436 
E-mail: [changed!]

GAME Letter (Acrobat pdf format [made by ver.4.0])
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Guidelines for Submitting Articles to GAME Letter

 GEWEX News is published basically twecely. Articles should be received by the GAME International Project Office. Contributions are welcome in the following categories:

Please try to limit the size of contributions to 800-1600 words. The space for color figures is very limited -- usually only two pages.   Please try to restrict the number of color figures to one per article. Other figures must be greyscale or monochrome.  TIFF format for figures is preferred, however, JPEG, GIF, and "most" Postscript and EPS formats are acceptable.   However, any image file should ideally use a resolution of 300 dpi (in general, equivalent to about 2 MB in file size) in order to print to an acceptable quality.   Do not send figures embedded in Microsoft Word files. Please send text via e-mail in text-only format (ascii) or Microsoft Word to Paper copies of text and figures may also be requested from authors. The editor of GAME Letter reserve the right to edit articles to fit the available space. (Guidelines are almost same of GEWEX News that written in

GAME News Letter (News written in Japanese)
[Written in Japanese below]
GAME News Letter はGAME国内事務局(名古屋大学大気水圏科学研究所(旧),現地球水循環研究センター -> 筑波大学陸域環境研究センター)によって 編集された日本語でのNews Letterです.年1回の発行で,GAMEの国内・海外での活動等に関して記事が掲載されています.

GAME News Letter (Acrobat pdf format)
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#玉川さま@岐阜大,浅沼さま・塩澤さま@筑波大,ご協力,ありがとうご ざいました. by 樋口@名古屋大

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