Asian Monsoon

Monsoon System Study WG
Monsoon System Study Working Group (WG) have targets as follows:
  • Full utilization of the GAME data-sets (re-analysis, satellite, upper and surface observations)
  • Cross-cutting large-scale analysis over several intensive observation regions.
  • Heating processes in the Asian monsoon seasonal transition:
           Role of land surface through heat and moisture budget analysis
           Quantitative estimation of Asian monsoon heat sources
  • Interaction between mid- and low- latitude systems
  • Relationship between Baiu/monsoon activity and convection over the Tibetan Plateau
  • Relationship between Typhoon activity and SE Asian monsoon
  • Quantitative estimation of precipitation system in the monsoon seasonal cycle
If you interests & would like to contribute this WG, please contact:
[Chair] Dr. Jun Matsumoto, Department of Earth & Planetary Science, University of Tokyo, Japan. or
[Co-Chair] Prof. Johnny C.L. ChanDepartment of Physics and Materials Science, Hong Kong City University, China.

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