Asian Monsoon

Cloud and Precipitation Process WG
Cloud and Precipitation Processes Working Group is formed in GAME Phase II under the activity of GAME in order to understand the cloud and precipitation processes over Asian monsoon areas. The activities of the Cloud and Precipitation WG in GAME Phase II will be the followings.  1) Compare the convective activities in GAME areas and surrounding areas. 2) Improve the numerical models to treat the boundary layer and cloud and precipitation processes. 3) Focus attention on the most important factors and environmental parameters deciding the formation and development of cloud and precipitation in Asian monsoon areas. 4) Keep collaboration with field experiments relating to the GAME heritage.

If you interests & would like to contribute this WG, please contact:
[Chair] Prof. Hiroshi Uyeda, HyARC, Nagoya University, Japan.  or
[Co-Chair] Prof. Yasushi FujiyoshiInstitute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University.

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