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Water and Energy Balance Study (WEBS) WG
Water and Energy Balance Study (WEBS) is an activity under GEWEX Hydrometeorological Panel (GHP) to integrate activities of Continental Scale Experiments (CSEs) of which GAME is a member. Since autumn of 2002, we joined the GAME International Science Panel to promote WEBS.
The purpose of WEBS can be summarized as follows from our viewpoint.
  1. We want to know the global energy and water cycle quantitatively. For that goal, we must use some global data sets. Most of them are not direct observations, but either compiled from satellite observations or produced by data assimilation with numerical weather prediction models. In order to have good global budgets, we should evaluate the global data sets with more direct observations. The comparison can be useful both to selection of global data sets to be used immediately, and to improvement of global data sets in the next generation.
  2. A CSE can reveal climatic and hydrological characteristics of that region much better than before. Then, it will be fruitful to compare CSEs in different climatic zones along the same axis of water and energy balance components, in order to build up knowledge about diversity and commonness of water and energy cycle over the globe.
  3. We recommend the synthesis of all available measured and numerically-derived values to understand water and energy balance over the monsoon region. This may be one way to utilize data collected during the GAME Phase II for seeking scientific outcomes. For example, we can calculate the continental-scale cloud-radiation interactions by combining the satellite observations such as ISCCP with GAME reanalysis products from which the evolution of radiation energy budget can be examined in conjunction with the monsoon progress.
If you interests & would like to contribute this WG, please contact:
[Chair] Dr. Kooiti Masuda, Frontier Research System for Global  Change (FRSGC), Japan. or
[Co-Chair] Prof. Byung-Ju SohnSchool of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University, Korea.

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