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  1. Outline of the project
  2. Research Titles and Principle Investigators
  3. Results
  4. Papers
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  1. Outline of the project
    1. Objectives
      The goal of the GAME-Siberia project is to clarify the characteristics and processes of water accumulation and transfer and their relation with the energy cycle, in the atmosphere-land surface interface of cold environments from the seasonal to the interannual time scale. This study will contribute to one of the primary GAME objectives
      • To understand multi-scale interactions in the energy and hydrologic cycles in the Asian Monsoon Region
      and one scientific objective
      • To assess the impact of monsoon variability on the regional hydrologic cycle.
      The objectives of tundra study subgroup include:
      1. Develop seasonal and inter-annual variation of one-dimensional energy and water vapor fluxes over tundra.
      2. Characterize the water balance components in these tundra watersheds.
      3. Determine the areal distribution of ground surface properties.
    2. Location
    3. Duration
      • Pre-intensive Observation Period: May-September, 1998
      • Intensive Observation Period: May-September, 1999

  2. Research Titles and Principle Investigators
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  3. Results
    1. Sensible & Latent heat flux (eddy correlation method)
    2. Discharge of T-river & precipitation
    3. Discharge & isotope change of S-river
    4. Water level of Lake-K

  4. Papers
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