IHP Nagoya/Kyoto Training Course 本文へジャンプ


IHP Training Course Textbook

 26th  2016/11/27-12/1 Coastal Vulnerability and Freshwater Discharge
 25th  2015/11/30-12/11 Risk Management of Water-related Disasters under Changing Climate
 24th  2014/11/23-12/7 Forest Hydrology-Conservation of Forest, Soil, and Water Resources
 23rd  2013/12/2-13 Ecohydrology for River Basin Management under Climate Change
 22nd  2012/11/1/-12/1 Precipitation Measurement from Space and its Applications
 19th  2009/11/29-12/12 Water Resources and Water-Related Disasters under Climate Change - Prediction, Impact Assessment and Adaptation -
 18th  2008/11/3-15 Satellite Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Constituents
 17th  2007/12/2-15 Numerical Prediction of High-Impact Weather Systems
 16th  2006/11/26-12/9 Oceanography Basics
 15th  2006/2/26-3/11 Water and Carbon Cycles in Terrestrial Ecosystems
 13th  2004/3/7-20 Effects of Pollutants on Atmospheric Environment
 12th  2003/2/23-3/8 Precipitation and Water Resources
 10th  2000/7/24-8/6 Hydrology related to Head Water Management
 9th  1999/7/26-8/8 Limnology
 8th  1998/3/8-21 Remote Sensing