The 5th International Study Conference on GEWEX in Asia and GAME

3-5 October 2001

Aichi Trade Center

Nagoya, Japan

Under auspices of

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     The Fifth International Study Conference on GEWEX in Asia and GAME will be held at Aichi Trade Center in Nagoya, Japan for 3-5 October 2001, under the auspices of World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), National Space Development of Japan (NASDA), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Communication Research Laboratory (CRL), and Hydrospheric Atmospheric Research Center (HyARC), Nagoya University.
     GAME is one of the sub-projects of GEWEX and has relations to other GEWEX programs. There were also other domestic experiments in several Asian countries. Presentators of the results and exchange of ideas with such projects are very important to recognize the global and local features of the Asian monsoon and to study the impact on climate change.

Topics of the conference:

Energy and water cycles in monsoon Asia: Energy and water cycles are very important for both local and global environments. In the GAME Intensive Observation Period (IOP),  several AWSs were installed, and currently in operation. In this topic, participants will discuss energy and water cycles in several sub-regions in GAME. Studies for Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) are also include in this topic.

Regional Energy and Water Cycles: In this topic, participants will discuss about energy and water cycles in regional scale, thus this topic includes meso-scale studies in meteorological aspects, and macro-scale observational studies in hydrological aspects (hydrological modeling is also included this topic).

GCM and regional climate model studies: This topic focuses on the model studies both global and regional scales.

Satellite studies in GAME and other regions: Satellite remote sensing is currently an essential tool for monitoring the status of the earth or atmosphere. This topic also includes some varidation experiments results for current/future satellite sensors.

Synoptic scale studies for better understanding the Asian monsoon: GAME IOP data gave us huge information for better understanding Asian monsoon.

Future scientific issues and collaborations for post-GAME projects:

About registration for this conference

      Registration will be carried out in this web site, but payment of registration fee is only cash at the conference with Japanese Yen. Registration fee are as follows:


Abstract submission deadline:       31 May 2001
Acceptance notice to Authors:       30 June 2001
Full Paper (Extended Abstract) deadline:  10 August 2001
The early registration deadline: 20 August 2001
Conference:  3-5 October 2001

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